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Today I will die,
It will be half way
or completely,
I will look out
at the night sky
for the last
or one of the last
I won't expect myself to
wake up.

It's sad the way that I view
everyone else, as though it
will be one of the last times
I will see them or they will see
me, but miraculously we both
awaken and meet, as though
we weren't so close to death
that we could feel it coaxing
our souls half way out,
hovering around us waiting
to tell us that we have died,
and then our eternal time starts
and never ends.

It's scary when I think about it,
not because I fear it but because,
I fear the one who ordered it,
Will god be happy with me?
will I be able to pass the
remaining tests?
there is nothing I can do by then if I fail,
the only thing I will be doing is suffering and wailing.

I just want to be saved, be so good that
I am spared a punishment so bad that even
when i'm released the memory will still haunt me,
and it's and crazy because I don't know if I will
succeed unless it is what god wills to happen to me,
I hope to god it is, only the good that I will receive.

I care more about the limitless world of the dead,
than the vanishing world of the living,
this is why I accept that today I may die,
because as scared as I am,
I am also kind of happy because if I
truly did everything right,
then there will be an everlasting reward waiting for me.


Today I will die. by shytheworld

/ / / ©2014-2015 shytheworld
TakaraYuuki Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014  Student Writer
An absolute gem of a poem, nice work! :) 
shytheworld Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2014
thank you i appreciate it.
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February 25, 2014


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